LOVESICK - A Hen's Night Treasure Hunt

The Hen's Night treasure hunt. Compete in teams to find tokens, complete challenges, and earn points to unlock The Cure at the end of the journey and be immune from the LOVESICKNESS!


A mysterious and debilitating sickness has begun infecting the hearts of residents in the Brisbane CBD area. Authorities are calling it a LOVESICKNESS. The maddening illness renders the patient loveless and lost, despondent and hopeless.


But there is a way to become immune to the sickness and, at the end of your search, to unlock a CURE. To earn immunity you must complete challenges, find hidden items, and unlock your booster shots along the way. At your final desitination solve the puzzle to unlock the cure and award challenge points to determine a winning team.


The team with the most immunity points wins


(playable within the Brisbane CBD on Thurs - Sun from 5pm)


If you are interested in enquirying further please email me at

LOVESICK - A Hen's Night Treasure Hunt