Tabletop Narrative Puzzle

Flights of Fancy

Game: Tabletop RPG

Players: 1-4

Time: Approx 30 min

Difficulty: Ages 12+


In this table top narrative adventure follow the story of time traveller Monty Worchester as he travels back to 1903 to witness the first powered flight. But little does he know who is waiting for him there when he arrives.


Read his diaries, follow his path, order his souvenirs and you will unlock his final diary entry to find out what happened to Montgomery Worchester...


This envelope contains 7 diary pages, a 3 digit combination lock, 4 souvenir cards, and a charted vintage themed map. Players must order the diary pages to unlock the final chapter!


Tabletop Narrative Puzzle

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    Puzzlemaker acknowledges the traditional owners of this land, the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People of this Country. We also pay respects to Elders past and present, who strive to build a better and more sustainable future for future generations.