The Date Night Game - Digital

The Date Night Game - Play at Home Edition


"You've just won a Dare and as well as the Paper Scissors Rock tournament. And now your partner just told you they accidentally called their teacher "Dad" in the third grade. It looks like that 40 minute back massage is all yours..."


The Date Night Game is a 60-minute experience where partners complete 10 creative challenges to earn points and win an act of service from their partner such as:


  • 40-minute massage
  • Breakfast in bed
  • No cooking for a week
  • Surprise dinner


This experience is an interactive PDF file that is played on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone*.


Simply purchase the file to download it, print the attached scorecard.pdf, get cosy together and you're ready to play.


Materials Needed

Pens and paper

6 sided die



Scorecard (download here)


A fulfilling relationship should challenge us,
expand our ability to collaborate, and most
importantly, make us feel more connected to
ourselves and each other.

The Date Night Game
has been designed to do just that.


*Some smartphones or PDF viewer apps have difficulty reading interactive PDF's so a laptop is recommended.


The Date Night Game - Digital

  • Interactive PDF

    *some smartphones and tablets can experience difficulties with interactive PDF's. Adobe PDF viewer is the best application to view these files with.