Birds Of Time - Free Download

We all know that Birds:


A. Aren’t real (drones disguised as birds created by the government to spy on its citizens)*, and


B. Are secretly lords of the metaphysical nature of time.


But now they’ve caught themselves in a temporal squabble and butcher-birded the space time continuum! History is all coo-coo and needs resetting




As an avian time lord you will have to mime, gesture, dance, and squawk your way back to present day (in chronological historical order) to save humanity from being pecked out of existence!


Players take turns acting out their cards one by one using dance, gesture, mime, and squawking (no words allowed). 


The goal of the game is for all players to play every card in their hand in chronological order to create a historically accurate History Pile. Players take turns based on when they think one of their events, persons, discoveries, or inventions occurs next in the timeline of history.





- 52 unique historical Events, Persons, Inventions, and Discoveries

- 7 "Create Your Own" Cards 


Birds Of Time - Free Download

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