Interview: Seraphim Escape Rooms

This week I spoke to Keziah Jarrett from Seraphim Escape located in cosy Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Keziah is a dear friend of mine, I consider her my big sister in the escape room industry here in this pocket of the globe.

Keziah is a huge dork with tiny hands, but when it comes to escape rooms and puzzle design she knows exactly what she's doing. Her escape rooms are some of the most highly rated escape rooms in the state and that's no accident. Keziah has a dedication to the player. She wants everyone who comes to visit her to have a good time. Now that might seem easy but Seraphim Escape rooms also hold the title of Brisbane's scariest escape rooms.

The Executioner's Toolshed was one of the first escape rooms on the scene and remains a staple of any die-hard escape room fans who visit our small city. It was the first room in the state (and the country?) to boast an in-room actor experience. And with a name like "The Executioner's Toolshed", you can see where it gets the title as most terrifying.

But at her core, Kez is a kind, passionate designer and puts a lot of thought and love into how her rooms make players feel. She was the first person to introduce me to the idea of using all the senses to immerse players. So she had a perfume maker design scents specifically for her rooms so players not only saw, felt, and heard the world they were in but could smell it too.

Our conversation this time centered around the simplicity of fun. Keziah's philosophy is to make the experience for her players simple, fun, and linear. And having played her room Atonement, I can attest, it was all those and more.

If you would like to watch the full interview check out the youtube video below

Or head over to Spotify and listen here

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